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Our Smart Radiators

Our affordable smart electric radiator range is designed and built in Germany to accommodate the smallest room to the largest room, and everything in between. Radiators are available in a variety of different widths and heights, and our bathroom radiators are IPX4 rated which means they are waterproof and comply with current regulations.

The smart control radiator heats the whole room by utilising the perfect balance of convection and radiation, warming both you and the surrounding air.

Each radiator has a heating element that warms the magmatic ceramic tablets inside, which retain heat when warm.

The heat emitted from the top of the smart control radiator is then circulated around the room, quickly warming the surrounding air whilst the heat that spreads outwardly across the front surface of the radiator provides a superior heating experience.

Our smart radiators are all effortlessly controllable from your phone or device – you can program and control individual radiators or create groups of radiators giving you lots of options to achieve desired comfort levels and economy of power usage. The app is compatible with Iphone and Android and gives you many features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system.

The heating of the future is here now, and it’s affordable! Get in touch with Heat-Elek today to find out more.

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Message from Neil Robinson, the Founder of Heat-Elek:

“We think smart radiators are one of the most exciting home innovations in decades. Heat-Elek is slowly but surely transforming homes in the UK and delighting our customers with great service at the same time. If you want to ask me anything at all about the products, our service and the costs, get in touch with me by form, email or phone and I'll do my very best to help you”.

More About Our Smart Radiators

Smart radiators have quickly become the smart choice for heating homes in Britain.

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change have led the UK government to plan a shift away from fossil fuel, with new gas boilers set to be phased out in little more than a decade.

At the same time that we are seeing a huge surge in people moving towards electric vehicles, the same is happening in our homes, with smart home radiator systems becoming increasing popular.

We see the benefits of going electric as overwhelming, and not limited to the ‘green’ considerations. The traditional unsightly gas boiler with its pipes, noises, leaks and servicing burden seems antiquated to us now.

Affordability is always a primary concern, but the reality is that the cost of running our smart radiator system is a lot less than people normally assume.

The systems we install are designed for maximum economy and efficiency – lightyears ahead of the old storage heaters of yesteryear. Through a combination of new innovative thermal elements and intelligent state-of-the-art programming, the system presents the strongest of arguments to finally get away from gas without higher costs.

You can download a brochure by clicking here, and if you have any questions whatsoever, we’re always here to help. 

Get a quote or ask questions
Heater In Diningroom

To arrange a home visit or just ask us any questions, call us on 0333 577 3930 or email us at info@heat-elek.co.uk

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